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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Garnier Body Intensive 7 days Nourishing Lotion with L-Bifidus...possibly the longest name for a moisturiser EVER!

Don't you just hate it when you put your moisturiser on, have to wait an age to get dressed and still spend the rest of the day feeling horrible and sticky? Well I do, so when I saw the advert for this new "fast-absorbing" moisturiser that claims you can put you clothes on instantly, obviously I wanted to give it a try. I went for the large bottle at £4.99 in Tesco, but there is a smaller bottle available for £2.99. It comes in 5 different varieties which are aimed at different types of skin. Mango for Dry Skin, Shea Butter for Dry to Extra Dry Skin, Honey for Sensitive Skin, Aloe Vera for Normal Skin and Cocoa Butter for Dry, Rough Skin. I went for the cocoa butter, but I have to say this is purely because this is the smell I like the most rather than because it was aimed at a particular skin type. I use moisturiser mainly to maintain my self-tan and have found that the ones aimed at this can often be over priced so tend to stick to the more reasonably priced moisturisers.

I have to say, as it I sit here in my pyjamas an hour after putting it on, I have mixed reviews. I still have that 'sticky' feeling to my skin which means I cannot put my clothes on straight away as their advert claims. The smell is lovely, but it's not the wonder product it claims to be. It is thinner than some moisturisers which helps a little but overall I am not too pleased so far! In terms of the "7 day" promise, I will keep you updated. The results section on the back of the bottle says "After just 7 days of use, skin's quality is noticeably improved - dryness -53%, roughness -46% and suppleness +41%" and it also claims that after 7 days of not using it, your skin will still feel moisturised. I will blog again in a weeks time and let you know my thoughts then!

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Friday, 28 October 2011

Shellac CND

This is my saviour! Shellac is a nail polish but with the permenance of gel. I have been using it for a while now and can't recommend it enough. It goes on exactly like a polish, and the manicurist will use a base and top coat. After each layer you need to place your hand under UV light...and as if by magic, it is dry instantly. No dry-time, no smudging or chipping and they say it lasts for 14 days without chips. I sometimes wear mine for up to 3 weeks if I don't have time to have it re-done, and it doesn't chip. There is obviously the "line of demarcation" where your nail grows, but other than that it still looks perfect after all that time. For someone like me who is always on the go, it is perfect. I found I was constantly chipping my nail varnish in my job as a teacher so this is the perfect solution. I had mine done today in Red Baroness, it looks so shiny and makes your nails look really healthy.

After years of wearing acrylics, my nails were in a terrible state but having Shellac helped my nails grow over time and become healthy again...I would NEVER go back! It is also really easy to remove, but must be done by a professional so you do not damage your nails. I hope lots of you will give it a try...I pay £20 at my local beauty salon, worth every penny!
Abby x

Beautiful Swagger...HEAVEN!!!

So...on a recommendation I popped into this lovely little shop in my local town, I found myself in heaven. So many lovely things including homeware (mostly in a beautiful shabby chic style), gifts and jewellery! I am obsessed with all things leopard print and purchased this gorgeous ring. At only £6 I couldn't resist!

Their prices are really reasonable compared to some boutique type shops and I can't wait to go back. For those of you who don't live nearby- Don't panic! Check out their website http://www.beautifulswagger.com

Abby x

My first post...

Hello everyone, welcome to my new blog. Finally I have got round to starting it...I have so many lovely things I want to post about so there may be a few over the next few hours! Anyway, I hope you enjoy.
Abby x